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Over the month of October I set out for the Georgia 2010 Internship with Earthships Biotecture, building a recycled house.  40 interns 1 house, thousands of tires and aluminum cans, all brought together to build a house in 30 days. All of us had heard about it, some had experienced it before,and others had been following the Earthship crew around Canada and the US to build homes at different sites.

Then there was me, who had heard about it over ten years ago.  Originally, thought (as a teenager growing up in high maintenance suburbia), that it was a cult who cleaned their water with snails.  Truly to find out about 8 years ago that Earthships is an amazing opportunity to be a part of a group of people who are so far fetched in progressive thinking in terms of green houses and architecture that it would rapidly change the world taking 40 years for the public eye to slowly take in the concept of a “recycled” home, let alone living “off the grid”.  After applying for 4 years I finally was able to get on a 30 days build start to finish located in Southern Georgia October 2010!!!!  While completing this internship I also stayed on Davis Farms, located in Roberta GA who also takes interns, and is affiliated with Wwoof .

Earthships Biotecture is forward thinking Construction/Architecture company who builds homes out of waist.  Just about anything, for example:  tires, aluminum cans, glass bottles, recycled wood and flooring, used appliances, or siding off old cars.  A company that turns so many others trash into treasures!!!  A company that not only recycles trash but builds the greenhouse into your house, collects its own water, and uses solar power for appliances.  An ideal home would be made of 50% recycled materials, and any new or refurbished materials withing a 100 mile radius of the build site.  Check out all the videos and links below.

Georgia 2010 Link to Videos, Pictures, Slideshows and more…

Photos: Alexander Ojeda

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