Doggie Love!?

I found the following site very interesting.  Is it real, the probability of dogs having gluten allergy’s as well?  Who knows, a lot of things tend to become trends in the U.S. and in the world.  Especially fad diets.  People are always looking for ways to be skinnier or have better skin or hair.  Some people like to dress their dogs in matching sweaters?! Which I have to say the gluten free diet has improved my skin and hair at least 75% in almost 4 months. It has also slimmed me down more then I would like.  I’ve always been a naturally slender person.  The funny thing is I haven’t really lost any weight, I still weigh about the same as I did before I went gluten free.  But I’ve lost 2 pant sizes…woah!  Therefore, if it can improve various health conditions in people why couldn’t it improve various health conditions in animals?  Check out the site for yourself.  Canine Life

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