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Some of the controversy with this topic is that there is no research that has specifically been done on the results of someone with a Gluten Intolerance or Celiac’s and the long term affect of drinking grain based alcohol. There has been research done on the protein of grains during the distillation process…which all of these reviews have mixed outcomes and opinions.  Also, there has been testing done on actual bottles of alcohol and how many parts per million of a gluten grain remain.  To be considered Gluten Free by the FDA, a product must contain less then 20 ppm.

I have worked SO hard at my healing process and finally feel that after 2 years I’m on the road to success.  I’m not willing to mess that up now.  So I am ultra conservative on this topic.  Many reviews will say Potato Vodka, Tequila and Rum are safe.  However, I will only drink potato based vodka and 100 percent agave tequila. If you check out my pictures and my 2 year anniversary post, you will see why alcohol is not worth the risk of taking steps back.  Also, my testimonial shares health problems that are now gone…which to me alcohol is well worth the sacrifice of my health.



5 Tips on Drinking Distilled Liquor

  • Listen to your body: and even though I dream about gin, and maple rimmed whiskey with a bacon garnish, or a delicious Manhattan…my body reacts horrible to these drinks and grain based liquors, especially the day after.
  • Why I say no to rum:  Some rum’s are made with rye or barley.  If you can find one that is distilled differently, maybe give it a shot.
  • TIP: Furthermore, I always recommend to anyone going gluten free to steer clear of all alcohol for the first 3-6 months, and then slowly add in gluten free beer, and test wines and distilled liquor one at a time.
  • Remember: Stick to the potato vodka like Glacier, or Chopin, and the 100 percent agave Tequila’s like Milagro, and Patron.
  • Hidden Ingredients: Some mixers have gluten in them, anything with added dye’s steer clear from, and most pre-made bloody mary mixers have gluten in them



About.com has loads of information from the controversial topic of distilled liquoto many more answers on questions on alcohol and Celiac’s.

Gluten Free Foodie read about vodka and what different grains are used in different brands of vodka.  I like to stick to Glacier or Chopin for my vodka brands.  Try and steer clear of corn based vodka (there are some study’s that say even this may be cross contaminated with gluten)

Gluten Free RN talks about the ups and downs on the research available and her personal experience to grain based alcohols.  She also agrees, stick to potato or rice based vodka, tequila and (some rums).

Wikipedia hits on different points on each end of the spectrum about alcohol in general

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