Coco Amour

I had the privilege of meeting the owner of Coco-Amour foods this past week at Linden Hills Co-Op.  Usually I pass food stands by in stores because they are offering something that I am allergic to.  I had walked straight past Christopher’s stand to the bulk spices thinking it was something I probably couldn’t have, plus I had already started snacking on something in my basket.


I did a double take and said are those Gluten, Dairy and Soy free, he said yes…yes they are.  I tried one of the chocolate ones and said wow those are amazing.  They honestly were one of the best packaged Raw coconut Macaroons that I have had.  He said thank you.  The tone of his voice so genuine…. which made me ask, are these yours?

Christopher said yes this was his company.  We talked for a few minutes about his product and how he got to where he was.  His product line for the day was almost sold out.


I truly enjoyed taking a minute to get to know Christopher and more about Coco Amour product line.  I recommended these little raw delights to anyone passing through Linden Hills.  Delicious and fabulously refreshing for the sweet tooth, made with genuine love!


To learn more about Christopher Darks product line you can find him at

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