Cleanse America

So after Doing the fitness Challenge with Stephanie Winters, from OSR Physical Therapy I really felt like I needed a program to keep me in check.  The cookies are just too tempting as are Enjoy Life’s chocolate chips.  So I have continued on with Cleanse America.  This is a 10 day cleanse.  The one thing I love about the cleanse so far is that they encourage you to eat when you are hungry and to do any combination from raw, to juice to smoothies throughout the cleanse.

Plus my CSA shares have started with a local organic farm and my garden is in full bloom.  The results have been delicious and fulfilling.  You can really feel the love that goes into the food.


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  1. Ambur:

    Found you from cleanse America. I have been searching for gluten free sites because I recently changed my eating and then went to a natural health dr. He confirmed my suspicions of an allergy/sensitivity to gluten/wheat. Wish I would have known this a long time ago. Glad I found you!

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