Chervil Lime Salad Dressing

Chervil Salad Dressing

1 handful of fresh chervil

1/4 C. olive oil

splash of gluten free tamari

blend in a magic bullet or blender!!!


What is Chervil? Chervil is a garden herb, related to parsley, spread by the roman’s through europe.  Known as a gourmet herb it is often used to season foods such as chicken, veggies, and seafood.  Some people like to add it to eggs, omlets or with other herbs to a vinegar to make a fragrant vinegar marinade.

Chervil has had various traditional uses. It was claimed to be useful as a digestive aid, for lowering high blood pressure, and, infused with vinegar, for curing hiccups.[3] Besides its digestive properties, it is used as a mild stimulant.[2]- Wikipedia


Goes Great on this salad, Japanese Amaranth ….



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