Cheating? Is it worth it?

I just finished working a 160 hour of work in two weeks, I hadn’t been home other then to make enough food to get me through the next couple of days, and I was living couch to couch and in my vehicle! I should be grateful for work, but it was definitely a challenge for preparing up to 4 days at a time of gluten free meals that I could make build meals of and eat multiple times in those days!

So I decided to cheat!!! This was a great time to test how sensitive I am, since I’ve gone towards “gluten freedom”. One morning I was exhausted after three hours of sleep, and hungry. There was some eggs Benedict left over after an event. An English muffin, ham, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce to top it!!! UMMMMM delicious, right? So I take the poached egg since it was “only touching ham”, and scraped off the sauce. I then took a piece of bacon from the top of the pile, which had bread on the bottom under a few layers. “It’s not touching the bread, so I should be fine, right?” I tried it, a little gas 30 minutes later but not bad. About 6 hours later stomach pain began, and 8 hours later diarrhea :X. I was running to the bathroom every 5 minutes for a couple of hours.

Not to mention trying to sneak food that i was un-aware if it was gluten free or not, I was tired, over worked, and lazy after I hit 70 hours, not to mention exhausted!

I cheated throughout the week, eating stuff that I knew was contaminated to not knowing all the ingredients. I needed a week off just to get through the work week!!!

I felt like poo most the week, my bowl movements were way off, stomach pain, gas, and my skin was breaking out pretty fast.

Therefore, is it worth it to cheat… in my opinion, NO! But, it was good to learn what my boundaries are and, to be reassured that this is real!!!

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    Hmm! seems like we share the same point of view.

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