Caffe De Lucchi’s

De Lucchi’s is an Italian joint located on the corner of Columbus Ave in the Telegraph Hill, Northeast neighborhood.  Whenever I hear Italian as a gluten free eater I kind of cringe and want to turn the other way.  I went here for breakfast and this place was great.  Packed with a mix of locals and tourists, the open air sliding windows have tables in the restaurant right next to the side walk seating.  The restaurant was fun, hip and had bright colored art work to accompany the patch worked tile that painted the lower half of the exterior of the restaurant.  The ambiance was fun, busy, and modern for an Italian restaurant.

I let the server know I had a gluten and dairy allergy.  They substtutted greens for the potato’s.  Nothing overly impressive for gluten free, but it was nice to eat somewhere that the server knew what I was talking about and could make modifications with out me having to pry through their preparation process.

500 Columbus Ave
(between Green St & Stockton St)
San Francisco, CA 94133
Neighborhood: North Beach/Telegraph Hill
(415) 393-4515

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