Cafe Aion- Boulder, CO

Cafe Aion previously known as Burnt Toast, has an excellent breakfast. Granted the selection of gluten free options was not huge, the chef does everything possible to assist in creating a delightful dish meeting dietary needs.  I was quite skeptical when I walked in.  My first question to the person who greeted me was “do you have a gluten free menu or options?”  A pretty reasonable question right?!  Her response was “we have steel cut oatmeal”.  I almost turned around and walked out… thinking hum good thing oatmeal is gluten contaminated.  But I decided to proceed and sit down to see if I could be further assisted.

I had found information about Burnt Toast now Cafe Aion on Andrew Hyde’s blog

Despite my first impression, the server was excellent, patient and did everything possible to make sure my needs were met!

I ended up having an excellent veggie scramble, with spinach and fruit in place of toast or potatos with no added cost!!! A substitution with no added cost, I was impressed.

The non gluten free menu seemed to be excellent too.  Cafe Aion bakes all of their own breads, croissants and donuts.  If only they were GF!!!

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  1. Mike:

    Dude, who took that picture of the donut? Really gripping photography I might say…

  2. CO:

    Never heard of this before, but thanks for opening up my eyes.

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