Cabbage Burritos

Throughout this past week my mission was accomplished on creating a Gluten and Dairy Free Eggs Benedict, I had also achieved a surplus of Vegan Hollandaise Sauce.  Along with lots of cabbage sitting in my fridge, stuffing left overs from Vegan Stuffed Peppers, and even though I was creating delicious masterpieces from leftovers in my fridge, I somehow had created a whole new creation of left overs.  Let alone I am suppose to leave for vacation in less then 48 hours…yet somehow food is all that’s on my mind :)

All of this cooking has created quite a TO – DO list:  eat delicious food for the next day, food for my road trip and an assignment to empty the fridge and create food that freezes well. The easiest place to start today though is breakfast, seeing that I just woke up!  This morning was one of the first mornings I had seen sun in a month in Idaho, It’s almost May and still snowing.  I am one to love cold weather and snow, but my starter plants and I are ready for spring and gardening season.

After drinking a large glass of water, and checking on my 150 + starter plants for my garden, breakfast came to me!!!  Cabbage burritos with hollandaise sauce, saracha, and stuffed pepper stuffing with eggs and tomato added.  Sounds delicious, and most of all, today it is already made:)  Plus the ingredients are simple:  1 or 2 large cabbage leaves, eggs, and ingredients that you would put in a normal breakfast burrito or omelet and your favorite sauce:)

The cabbage burritos were a great way to start the morning, refreshing, delicious and surprisingly filling!  I could barely finish the second one, plus it kept me full, for longer then I had anticipated.  This phenomenon is always exciting for me when I even begin to toy with the idea of cutting out grains.



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