Bleh…I feel like I’m going to die!!! I had been so careful to pack all my own food for work, all gluten and dairy free.

One of my co workers made a smoothie two days ago at work and ensured me that it was gluten free.   Abo0ut 5 minutes later she says opps it was made in a blender that had dairy in it and wheat germ.  Wheat germ is a tiny flaky protein that contains gluten.   Here is a list of products that are Unsafe for people with a gluten sensitivity!

I thought well i’ll give it a try.  Everything seemed fine until that night.  The gas started and I was slightly bloated but nothing terrible.  The next day is when I felt like I was going to die.  I had eaten some potatoes at work so maybe they had some seasoning that could have possibly had gluten in them but who knows really right?

Imagine a giant melon in your stomach, you are bloated if you tapped on your belly it sounded like a ripe melon would or a drum.  Now imagine that melon sitting in the sun and heated gas coming out of it.  The gas bombs had begun…except it was worse then I ever remember.

I was farting constantly for about a day and a half.  They were just as stinky as I remember.  Though the feeling was the worse part.  Now imagine the melon trying to pass through your GI track and it feels like you are about to have explosive diarrhea but nothing will come out except gas.  Now imagine this feeling combined with the sensation of having to throw up and a headache.

That was my experience for the last 48 hours.

Was it the smoothie, was it the possibly contaminated potatoes, who knows but from now on I am sticking to what I make to eat.

Food prepared for half the week!!!

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