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This past weekend I took a long weekend, did some camping and maybe indulged in some gluten free beer …. :x Oppss… not quite the best thing to do during a fitness challenge, but I’m also a real vs. ideal kind of girl.  However,  while everyone else was eating hot dogs and burgers, I did pack my own food enjoying, organic greens with my eggs, sweet potato frys, homemade tomato sauce and some chicken soup.  I did give into Udi’s gluten free granola for the weekend too…only because it is simple and easy but at least a little on the healthier of processed food items.

Coming back this week I found myself a little rushed and lacking in the creativity for menu ideas.  So I checked out some great ideas from other food bloggers.   Fitness Challenge day 16 through day 18 I will be focusing my menu off of some of these great blog posts.



Sweet Bean Dips from Choosing Raw


I would call this more of a chocolate bean mousse.  If you like sweeter treats, use more dates to sweeten




Greek Lentil Soup- goes great with lean beef patties or chicken

This soup pairs great with lean beef or turkey burgers




Vietnamese Style Chicken Mango Salad Rolls




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