6 facts about Chia Seeds

Sometimes a simple on the go breakfast is the best way to go!  This morning (Day 8 of Fitness Challenge) I had some buckwheat grout, dried currants and cherries, with sliced almonds, topped with Fruit and a sprinkle of Chia and Hemp seeds.  I also added a splash of Almond Milk…. learn how to make your own almond milk here and why it is better for you!!!



Did You Know: 1) Chia seeds help with weight loss, reduce food cravings, help you feel fuller faster.  2) Chia Seeds absorb 10 x’s their weight in water turning to gel.

3) Chia gel can help hydrate athletes.  4) Some evidence suggests that Chia Seeds reduce blood pressure.  5) Being very high in Omega 3, and being a source of a healthy fat, this aids with inflammation in the body…FACT chia contains more omega’s then Salmon…WOW!  6) Chia seed also slows down how fast the body converts carbohydrates to simple sugars, very good for people with diabetes because it helps level out your blood sugar.


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  1. Gluten Free and Dairy Free Pudding | Gluten Free Blog:

    [...] Chia seeds are an excellent source of Omega’s and much more.  To learn more about Chia seeds view this post. [...]

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