2 Year Anniversary

Really Exciting, I am officially at the two year mark of being gluten free, dairy free, and mostly soy free (every now and again I give into a GF/DF chocolate bar that has soy lecithin in it), the end result is never great.  I figure if that is my biggest vise then I am probably doing pretty good.

I feel a thousand times better, no longer have any health problems or medications needed, other then when I get accidentally gluten poisoned when eating out.  Not to mention my food vocabulary has been blown out of the water with exploration and trying new foods that I would have normally walked right past.

Some of you may be saying where have you been with your website/blog the last few months.  Well exciting news it is being re-vamped and getting a make over of it’s own.  Summer 2013 I will be launching a new site, with more nutritional information and will being adding some new topics, so get ready for a great new look.

I just wanted to share the before and after photos after removing gluten from my diet…. and you can always check out my testimonial here, or progressive healing pictures from my first 3 months of going gluten free!



This is the beautiful picture of me in my first month of trying a gluten free diet 2 years ago!  At first it was SO discouraging because it took almost 3 months before I saw any results….but I stuck with it and now, I feel and look so much healthier!



And this is the even more beautiful picture 1 year after being gluten free!!!



and this picture was taken 1.5 years after being gluten free!!! My hair has grown back and is full again, my skin is clear, and my body is no longer inflamed or swollen…


2 years 2 months after being gluten, dairy and mostly soy free …YES mission accomplished:)


So many people I know say they don’t see results right away or that, after a month nothing happened.  I just want to remind people to stick with it.  The first picture was taken almost 4 weeks into going gluten free, and I wasn’t sold myself either….but it was worth the long haul and dedication to be healthy, and medication free :)


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  3. Nicole:

    Wow! Seeing these pictures just keeps motivating me. I am a 18 yr old female and I knew I had some type of allergy…I ate so healthy, exercised …everyting and looked swollen. I was always a tiny skinny girl until around 16 years old.

    I noticed my hair balding near the front, my acne getting worse, and I looked round and my body looked bloated and flubby. I looked like a whole new person….seeing that you experienced the exact same makes me feel not alone.

    I stopped eating GF for a week today because of feeling left out of social events – and look terrible again. I am not giving up anymore…going to continue this lifestyle for myself. I will keep reading, hope you share more tips and encouragements as well as recipes :)

    Gluten is crap anyways….



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