11 Reasons to say Organic to Eggs

Eggs are a powerhouse for protein, easy and quick to make, and can be added to any meal in a hurry.  Although it’s better to heat an egg on a stove, you can always microwave eggs and veggies for a scramble, or make them sunny side up by microwaving in a bowl.  Let’s talk about organic versus non-organic eggs for a minute here.  If you haven’t seen the documentary Food Inc… or if that wasn’t enough for you.  I cooked an organic versus non organic egg next to each other today, and the photos were enough for me to at least try and incorporate organic eggs into my diet more frequently!


According to an article written by Mother Earth Magazine Organic eggs have:

  • 2/3 more Vitamin A
  • 3 x more Vitamin E
  • 7 x more beta carotene
  • 2 x Omega 3 fatty acids
  • by eating an organic egg your could more than double the nutritional value
  • not to mention organic eggs have 1/3 less cholesterol
  • and, 1/4 less saturated fat
  • The best part is they taste better,
  • and hopefully you find a place that does not use added hormones and antibiotics (which are proven harmful to children and pregnant mothers)
  • Chickens raised on non organic feed tend to get sick and need antibiotics and hormones to produce
  • Chicken’s raised on organic (specifically non-soy feed)  tend to loose less feathers, be healthier, and produce eggs at a more normal rate …which is less eggs, but a higher quality egg


The organic egg is the one on the left, rich and color and less white film.  At first nothing appears too different


While cooking the the NON-ORGANIC egg on the bottom right begins to shrivel, turn yellow in color and have a different texture


In final stages of cooking the NON-ORGANIC egg on the bottom right begin to shrivel, the egg yolk began to collapse and the white turned to a yellow color.  The consistency of my final product was rubber and chewy in texture, whereas the ORGANIC egg on the top left was fluffy, remained the same color and had a much better flavor, and texture while chewing.

I use to be blessed and lived 9 miles from a bio dynamic farm that took EXTREMELY good care of their plants and animals.  I was also fortunate enough to be able to get very very fresh eggs weekly from these guys, along with meat that had no preservatives, additives, hormones or antibiotics.  The one thing i’ve noticed since switching back to cheap eggs is that I get headaches after eating what I call fake eggs.

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  1. Andrew P:

    Great post! We’ve since switched to Wilcox Farms Organic Eggs, they are Costco’s brand, I think that is regional though but If you live in the PNW you should check them out, they are really trying to do it right and aren’t just out for profit, we too have done the side by side test and experience a similar thing, I was just wondering if anyone else had or posted online about it and I found this post. Thanks

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