11 Tips on Prepping Food

I like to prep my menu on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, whatever days you pick it is important to do it twice/week, so you have fresh food.

11 Tips on Prepping

1)  If you are really busy you could prep everything at the beginning of the week and freeze half of it.  See this video for great tips on how to make sure your food will taste great when you re heat it after being frozen! View Video Here

2)  There are no rules.  Besides, one thing that works for one person or one family may not work for another.

3)  Don’t feel like you have to eat breakfast foods at breakfast.  I am a huge fan of breakfast at midnight kind of… Sometimes I feel like an egg white frittata before I go to bed instead of a huge meal.  Then there are other days where I am running late and might just want to eat leftovers for breakfast.

4)  Plan, Plan, Plan…. cook either once or twice/week depending on your time available to cook in bulk

5)  Have a theme, pic something to focus on, for example:  Pick a new ingredient you want to try, choose things that are on sale and work around that, base some meals on a vegetable, try cooking in season, learn about a new cooking technique and incorporate it into your cooking for the week

6)  Practice makes perfect, the more you cook, the more you learn how to time your efficiency in the kitchen

7)  Price your grocery stores, I have mine down to a T, I shop for x,y, and z at one store, and a,b, and c at a different store all based on prices and sales

8)  Simple snacks are the easiest way to fill hunger, void and prep time, try having fruit and almonds, or a boiled egg white salad

9)  Get creative, the kitchen doesn’t have to be intimidating…. think of 10 ways you can cook egg whites, and 10 ways you can spiff up those plain rice cakes….or just read further on this blog ;)   If someone handed me a yam i’d say it’s pretty boring but how many ways can you transform the yam into a new dish every day of the week!

10)  Remember to have fun!!! and above all, even if it doesn’t come out how you pictured, at least you learned something new or maybe discovered the next best dish!

11)  Store everything in bulk, so your rice for the week in one container, your sides for the week in each of their own containers, and meat in each of their own separate containers.  Pack individual meals the night before from each container… this will keep you from over eating!!!

This Sunday I prepped for Monday- Wednesday (Fitness Challenge Days 8-10).  On the Menu was:

Curried Kale and Yams, with Citrus Chili Chicken

Sesame Ginger Bok Choy and Chicken

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

And on Wednesday I prepped for Friday- Sunday (Fitness Challenge Days 11-14).

-  Yam stuffed mushrooms

-  Homemade chicken bok choy soup

-  Salmon with shaved zuchini and squash with quinoa

-  Quinoa mint salad

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