April, 2011-  Listed in the Top 25 Blogs for Gluten Free Living By: Health Care Technicians

April, 2011- Member of Gluten Free Global Community

May, 2011- Member of Foodie Blogroll


September, 2011- Teton Valley News Health and Wellness Magazine 2011.2012 edition

Pages 6-12 interview on GF Blog


May, 2012-  Featured on Stephanie Winters 24 day Fitness Challenge, for Gluten Free Dairy Free cooking


September, 2012- Teton Valley News Health and Wellness Magazine 2012-2013 edition (4 Articles)

-  Keep Your Winter Colorful:  Can, Freeze, Dry, Blanch page 26-28

-  Taste of Summer In the Dead of Winter, Interview with Martha Berkesch page 30

-  Gearing Up for Ski Seasons pages 40-48 (Including exclusive interviews with sponsored skier Max MacKenzie, and Sports   Psychologist Christina Heilman from Mindset)


November, 2012- Guest cook at Mazopiya Food Co-Op on How to survive the Holiday’s Allergy Free!!!!


April, 2013-  Partnered with Udi’s Gluten Free Products as a Community Ambassador